Map-Centric Asset Management

GeoFind-It, GeoCreate-It, GeoAct-It

Map-Centric Asset Management

CRM and Dashboard

Customer information, history
Assets, work orders, invoicing
Cost, price and margins
Variety of widgets, KPIs, alerts
Customer portal (coming soon)

Map-Centric Assets

Google maps representation
Spatial dot, multi-line, multi-polygon
Custom fields, labels, colors
Tasks, materials, kits, equipment

Work Orders

Crew and employee scheduling
Working days/times, holidays
Cost, price, margin calculation
Estimation/pricing based on assets
Routing and reporting (coming soon)

Metadata and Personalization

Unlimited custom, formula, audit fields
Color themes, columns settings by user
Personalization copy
Multiple language support

Search and Integration

Site/global search
Address (on the map) search
Grid/table search
Facebook, LinkedIn login
QuickBooks Online
CSV, Shapefile Export/Import

Latest Technology

Amazon cloud infrastructure
Proven, scalable PostgreSQL DB, Python, JavaScript
Role-based access control
Data security

GeoActo Mapping API

Get Parcel Data by Address - more...


Pool Service

Industry specific template
Historical chemical readings
Warranty and maintenance

Lawn Care

Industry specific template
Crew scheduling
cost and price estimation


geographically dispersed assets
Spatial representation
Advanced access and data security


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